What is it about old cookbooks?

They keep the fires burning for a time and place. They breathe like a red hot wok just hit with a fresh Dungeness crab or velvety soy marinated pork loin. When you crack the cover of one it feels like a research project in a pre-internet encyclopedia and yet the recipes come to life, quickly enveloping your senses with memories of birthday celebrations, first dinner dates and tragic recipes gone awry.

I’m glad that Laura is taking the time to reflect on these historical tomes. There is no harm in loving a recipe and putting your own touch on it. Substituting regional products or adjusting for dietary needs simply adds personality to your table. Cooking techniques change over time like fashion and taste buds...go for it. The stories that you re-create are now yours but don’t forget the roots in your favorite old cookbook.
— Tom Douglas – Multiple James Beard Award Recipient, Celebrity Chef, Restauranteur, Award Winning Cookbook Author

Cookbooks are definitely a passion for Laura. She has spent so much time and energy collecting and studying old cookbooks.

She shared the following that she “has adapted classic dessert recipes in Vegan and Gluten-free options while retaining the history and stylistic elements of certain decades in time.”

We all have “cravings” for sweets - and - Laura’s recipes certainly satisfy those cravings in a delicious and very healthy way! Laura’s attention to detail and taste will make “The Little Dessert Cookbook” a favorite in your home.

Her desserts not only look great - they taste great. There is magic in a successful blend of flavors, flowers, and favorite companions. The perfect combination repeated once is a gift, more often than that a tradition.”

Please enjoy Laura’s recipes. I hope that they will become “traditions” for you.
And - always remember to “cook with love.
— Barbara Nicklaus - Author of the cookbook 'Well Done!' and wife of world-renowned Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus

...It is acknowledged that the health effects of the well-balanced diet of well-educated vegetarians and vegans living in Western countries are really positive.

Laura’s book filled with mouthwatering recipes for delicious cookies, cakes and confections goes a step further towards enabling us to enjoy the fun of making them whilst feeling comfortable that we can avoid the daily food-stuff unnecessarily loaded with animal products.

It’s a treat to know that vegans can continue to enjoy scrumptious desserts whilst maintaining the healthy positive effects of vegan food on BMI, cholesterol and, combined with other healthy lifestyle choices, reducing risk of cancer.
— Dr. Ardiana Beeley MD, PhD Specialist in Public Health Medicine London, England

I have had the honor of being the lucky recipient of Laura’s bourbon balls for many years while she diligently, and thoughtfully developed this book and they do not disappoint! These delightful treats are just one of the many winning, modernized recipes in Laura’s heartwarming ode to your grandparent’s kitchen.
— Cortney Anderson-Sanford - NBC TV winning cook, Lifestylist, and Etiquette Revolutionary

For over three decades, Laura has been dedicated to baking healthy desserts using vegan ingredients. Her scrumptious treats were scooped up as fast as they hit the dessert counter at my restaurant because they’re delicious, healthy and guilt- free. Unlike processed desserts Laura’s vegan treats are a more wholesome alternative. I think every parent wants to provide the very best foods for their children. Laura’s vegan cookbook provides classic recipes for simple, healthy baking at home that kids will love. Treat yourself, your family and your friends to exploring the world of vegan baked goods with the expertise of Laura’s cookbook; you will be happy that you did.
— Stephan Germano CEO of the Pasta Pizza Store and former Head Chef and Restauranteur of the award-winning eatery The New York Pizza Factory