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About the author

Laura Crotty is a health-supportive chef, cookbook author, and the founder of the food blog broiledgrapefruit.com. She earned a culinary certification in health-supportive cuisine at the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan after receiving a BFA in fine arts from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Laura was inspired to write The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook by her collection of vintage cookbooks. This cookbook presents classic recipes specially revised for vegans, including Ruth Wakefield’s Toll House Cookies, Hershey’s 1937 Double Layer Chocolate Cake, The Farm Journal Country Cookbook’s 1959 Molasses Creams, and many more. The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook, which features an introduction by James Beard Award-winner and fellow vintage cookbook collector Tom Douglas, was created for the dessert enthusiast in all of us.
"After enrolling in the Natural Gourmet Institute’s chef’s training program in New York City, I tasted and experimented with whole-foods cooking enough to notice a real difference in the way I felt—so much so that I got hooked on learning all I could about health-supportive foods, including working in commercial kitchens and catering before eventually focusing on writing and creating recipes of my own. This cookbook is one result of on an ongoing dedication to learning about alternative ways of eating. The Little Vegan Dessert Cookbook combines the passion that I have for wholesome baking, with the recipes of these very special cookbooks that I cherish."
— Laura Crotty