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Try This Simple Holistic Intestinal Cleanse: Tis' The Season!

Since it’s the season, filled with friends, family and festivities you may be indulging more than usual. I thought it may be helpful to offer another cleansing tonic to help keep you in tip top shape. Last month, I posted a tonic for your liver, the body’s largest internal organ and this month I am following up with a cleanse for your small intestine, where the majority of digestion occurs.

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The Dark Side of the Iconic French Fry

What is it about french fries?  How can someone who doesn't even like potatoes, love french fries?  One could say that the reason they have remained relevant for centuries lies within their irresistible flavor, but is that enough anymore?  Health food has taken America by storm and people are responding to the benefits of eating well.  Nutritive foods not only taste better, they are entering the culinary arena with bold new textures and flavors created by talented chefs like Chole Coscarelli and Tal Ronnen.

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