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Why We Need Cookbooks

In this digital age, why do cookbooks remain in demand? Despite contrary predictions, these types of books continue to do well in the market place. One of the reasons is quality. Readers, it seems, want physical cookbooks. If they don't actually use them in their kitchens, they use them as reference tools and simply for reading enjoyment states Micheline Maynard, a Senior Food and Drink Contributor at Forbes.

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Tom Douglas' Hot Stove Society Chef Bridget Charters

Tom Douglas' Hot Stove Society Cooking with Chef Bridget Charters 

Bridget's demo of homemade Tortellini, Ravioli and Agnolotti had inspired students to experiment with free form filled pasta, rolling and dotting their fillings on floured butcher block tables amidst lively conversation.  I helped Bridget, along with an experienced crew, assist students with pasta attachments, sealing and whatever questions that arose that night.  Visit for classic revised recipes. 

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Broiled Grapefruit The Little Dessert Cookbook Vegan

When I am looking for a cookbook to add to my collection, there is usually a combination of elements including text, graphics and/or culinary photography that make the experience of reading it very personal; I wanted that for this cookbook.  Hopefully the recipes that I have developed, as well as the style of this book will appeal to you and become a part of your culinary repertoire.

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