The Enlightened Domestic

Sometimes writing about food seems trivial.  After all for as long as I can remember there have been more serious issues to consider in the world than the pleasures associated with a good meal.  


Growing up, motherhood held little interest for me.  However, somewhere along the way that changed and after having three children of my own, I can honestly say that becoming a mom is a good thing.  I chose to be at home but the decision hasn't been without certain challenges.  I grew up with Gloria Steinem and the Women's Rights Movement enthusiastically sharing the message for "girls to go out there, get a job and strive for equal pay".  I listened despite the fact that I grew up in a traditional family with a father who worked while my mother stayed home and managed the household.  I remember thinking beyond a doubt that I would get out there and achieve something beyond the role of a domestic.


Flash forward to the present. I wear an apron daily, clean my own house and cook our food.   I am what I thought I would never become, a stay at home mom.


Despite my earlier influences I have come to realize that being a stay at home mom (who cooks) is a worthwhile job.  When considering the savings alone, the role of a domestic is a valuable vocation.   Brown bagging lunches can save an average of $2,00.00 per person annually according to Money and with labor costs on the rise dining out, two nights a week for a family of four averages $50.00 per meal with costs totaling around $4,800.00 annually



Savings aside, after all is said and done, I realized that I wanted to make sure that 'thank you' was a part of my kid's daily vocabulary and to understand that there is no grey area between right and wrong.  I also wanted to teach them about what it means to be tactful as well as the importance of personal hygiene.  Even though I don't particularly enjoy it, I consider parental guidance (nagging) a necessary chore amidst the hustle of their daily lives.  And why doubt the value of escapism through good food?  Even though baking a cake in my pajamas with an apron stained from the previous nights dinner may not be glamorous, nailing a 1950's buttercream certainly is.

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