Seattle Kitchen Radio Show

Seattle Kitchen radio educates and entertains a live studio audience filled with giddy foodies (mostly women) who sit in anticipation while Tom, Thierry (both recipients of the prestigious James Beard Award) and Katie O. chat about what's trending locally and in the culinary world beyond. 

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Laura Crotty
'No Bones' Caesar Salad

I've tried different ingredients and pairings for the base of my Caesar dressing including silken tofu, veggie mayonnaise ('Just' brand vegan mayonnaise to be exact), and cashews.  I recommend experimenting with any of these base ingredients to start.  Each adds a different texture and flavor to the mix, but I prefer a combination of cashews and veggie mayonnaise for this dressing.

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The Dark Side of the Iconic French Fry

What is it about french fries?  How can someone who doesn't even like potatoes, love french fries?  One could say that the reason they have remained relevant for centuries lies within their irresistible flavor, but is that enough anymore?  Health food has taken America by storm and people are responding to the benefits of eating well.  Nutritive foods not only taste better, they are entering the culinary arena with bold new textures and flavors created by talented chefs like Chole Coscarelli and Tal Ronnen.

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What Are We Eating? Challenging the Health Benefits of Traditional Foods

I recently watched a documentary titled What the Health? which challenged the validity of reported health benefits associated with animal products in the American diet.

I wasn't aware of the extent to which animal products are affecting our health or how the consumption of animal protein has been directly linked to major degenerative diseases.  I have watched several documentaries on alternative ways of eating over the years, also backed by medical research and industry professionals but unlike other movies, What the Health? made me question my own beliefs about dietary health.  

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